Access Language Solutions

The largest service provider of legal, medical and community interpeters in Eastern Canada.

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Who we are

Access Language Services Inc. (ALS) is the largest agency providing interpretation and translation services for government and private sector customers in Nova Scotia and throughout Atlantic Canada, operating 24/7 to meet our customers’ language needs.

Interpreter Booking

ALS has revolutionized the process of interpreter booking, assigning, and reporting in NS and the Maritime provinces, by implementing a client-customized state-of-the-art online and secure booking system which allows scheduling automation and streamlining of administration.


Community is at the heart of what we do. As Atlantic Canada’s linguistic landscape grows, we play a vital role in connecting community members from diverse language backgrounds with a wide array of services at the local, provincial, and regional levels. We work closely with service providers and our expanding network of interpreters to make clients’ interactions with their wider community as seamless as possible.

Need help overcoming language barriers?

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Our Services

ALS helps you meet your interpretation needs in the healthcare, legal and community sectors at a moment’s notice or in advance. Whether you require an interpreter on-site, via phone, or video, we can provide solutions that will work best for you.

On-Site Interpreting

Schedule a local in-person interpreter to meet you face to face at a pre-arranged location, date and time.

Message Relay

Request an interpreter to relay a brief message in the language of the recipient.

Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

Connect remotely with an interpreter on the phone, whenever and wherever you need it.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

The perfect solution to remotely connect with an interpreter and still be able to see them face to face. Schedule virtual interpretation to serve diverse communities.


ALS provides translation services for a wide range of corporate clients and industries such as marketing, communications, fashion, cosmetics, food, automotive, news, law, health and medicine, finance, social sciences, sports, information technology and much more.

We collaborate with a team of qualified and experienced translators while giving priority to certified translators where available.


ALS works in close collaboration with our customers, providing our interpreters with continued training and professional development opportunities to ensure the language needs of clients are met and the appropriate team of interpreters is available to support them.

ALS has adopted the National Canadian Standard of Community Interpreting Services to ensure interpreters follow the nationally recognized code of ethics and has introduced online medical and legal training in a self-paced and enticing learning environment.

ALS is an authorized testing center for the Community Interpreter and Language Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool (CILISAT) and the Interpreter Language & Skills Assessment Tool (ILSAT).

The CILISAT and the ILSAT are nationally recognized language proficiency tests to evaluate linguistic and interpretation skills in both English and another language of community interpeters. Both tests assess ability in consecutive interpreting and sight translating in different contexts. 

Please contact us to learn more about these tests, the cost associated, and to answer your questions.