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The largest service provider of legal, medical and community interpreters in Atlantic Canada.

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Who We Are

About Access Language Services

Access Language Services Inc. (ALS) is the largest agency in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada that provides interpretation and translation services for government and private sector customers. We operate 24/7 to meet our customers’ language needs.

Community is at the heart of what we do. As Atlantic Canada’s linguistic landscape grows, we play a vital role in connecting community members from diverse language backgrounds with a wide array of services at the local, provincial, and regional levels. We work closely with service providers and our expanding network of interpreters to make clients’ interactions with their wider community as seamless as possible.

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    Need help overcoming language barriers?

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      ALS helps you meet your interpretation needs in the healthcare, legal and community sectors at a moment’s notice or in advance. Whether you require an interpreter on-site, via phone, or video, we can provide solutions that will work best for you.


      ALS provides translation services for a wide range of corporate clients and industries such as marketing, communications, fashion, cosmetics, food, automotive, news, law, health and medicine, finance, social sciences, sports, information technology and much more.

      We collaborate with a team of qualified and experienced translators while giving priority to certified translators where available.

      ALS does not provide translation of personal identification documents.


      Need help overcoming language barriers?

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